Our Philosophy

Who Are We?

At PREM we use design motifs that respond to art, culture and nature. We find inspiration in the world around us and translate this into stylish and original patterns, cuts and features. We are a fellowship of designers and based in Sydney, Australia.

Our design room is melting pot of cultures, ideas, personalities & experiences, and these inform our design process and ultimately, the collections we release.

As designers, we believe in a certain imperative to 'create yourself', and one of our favourite ways to do that is through fashion and self-styling.

We favour, embellishments, unique cuts and silhouettes that will set the wearer apart from the crowd. PREM is made to flatter, and we consciously structure our collections to include garments that suit all body types, heights and styles.

We design feminine and fashion forward styles for parties, events and any where you want to make a statement. We genuinely want PREM women to love the way she looks, and being a part of that in any small way in so important to us.

We believe in every person's ability to ‘self-market’ in a positive way, and encourage our customers to experiment with their style and, like fashion, to constantly evolve. We place importance on looking and feeling good about oneself as these are often the catalysts for living healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Work Culture

We believe life should be fun, first and foremost! Our designers, production, web & social media gurus, and retail staff are committed to their work and love to have a good time doing it.

Our company structure is non-hierarchical; we instead operate as a collaboration of individuals who are uniquely experienced and skilled, and we hold each other in high regard professionally and personally. This format has been effective in creating a highly inclusive and productive environment in which to work and express ideas creatively.

You can be confident that whether engaging with us via email, phone or in person at one of our stores or PREM HQ that we are professional, knowledgeable and strong communicators who enjoy delivering exceptional customer service.

We encourage and appreciate feedback from our customers and those who follow our label, and if you have any questions or comments regarding our brand, our products or your orders/purchases, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


Prem is committed to using fabrics in an ethical way. We only use vegan leathers in our designs, and have in place a range of quality assurance, and socially ethical & responsible practices that ensure our products maintain a high standard of both.

From design to production, and then on to our boutiques and customers, each step is taken in a way that reflects our personal and professional ideologies of fair and responsible conduct.

All cardboard used in our warehouse is recycled, and we have a diligent scrap paper system in our offices. All personal items such as water bottles and other plastics are recycled on site: warehouse, office and retail locations.

We endeavour to use recycled & reused materials where possible in our shop front merchandizing.

We regularly donate clothing to those experiencing a variety of crisis situations in Australia and abroad.

Please feel free to ask more about how Prem The Label is committed to designing a range of clothing that upholds our dedication to maintaining a positive physical and social environment.


We love to support up and coming musicians, artists and anyone in the creative industry. Throw us a line at marketing@premthelabel.com to make contact.

We are happy to provide garments for photo shoots, video clips and media appearances, and we will feature you in our Journal and social media with links to yours.


Prem The Label is closely strategically aligned with other businesses that share our enthusiasm for fashion and ethically sound business practice. The below businesses are some with whom we have valued working and personal relationships.




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Billini - for the girl who is confident, who likes to experiment with new trends and leads with her look.


Specialist talent and entertainment consultancy. You will find some of our model profiles here.