Inspired by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

EDAN is a Collection that explores the story of Odile Von Rothbart, a young apprentice Sorceress.

Odile is the Black-Mirror replica of the Heroine Odette, she Glitters in Darkness and tempts the Prince away from his True-Love Odette. Imitating Odette with Feather-Like Lace, Contrasting Black Panelling and Mirrored Trim, Odiles Mirror image of Odette reflects in the Moonlight over Swan Lake.

The Enchantress’ dark side is shown by the use of Black Mesh and Highlights of Bright, Magical, Florals attempting to escape the Darkness.

The Black Swan steals the show every time, her symbology is fully developed in the final act, showing Odile’s true Fragile and Delicate state by the use of Intricate, Feminine, Pastel Lace.